University of Tokyo Komaba campus

This is an in depth talk given by Stuart Hameroff on consciousness, cells, life, microtubules, humans, with a touch of Sir Roger Penrose from one of the greatest experts in this field, on 22nd June 2022Ken Mogi is a neuroscientist, best-selling author and broadcaster based in Tokyo, Japan.  Hosted by Ken Mogi and Takashi Ikegami


Testing Orch OR    

Science of Consciousness Conference  Workshop April 18, 2022 Bruce MacIver, Stanford University;  Jack Tuszynski, University of Alberta/Politecnico di Torino; Aarat Kalra, Princeton University; Greg Scholes, Princeton University; Aristide Dogariu, University of Central Florida; Travis Craddock, Nova Southeastern University

Quantum biology and consciousness

December 2021 

Academia Romana

Bagni di Lucca Interviews S. Hameroff

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SPARC project conference     


Anesthetic action links consciousness to quantum vibrations. CalTech. June 11, 2018.



Plenary 9 – Quantum Brain. ” Do Consciousness, Anesthetic Action and EEG All Derive from Quantum Vibrations in Microtubules? 

Hameroff, Stuart. Plenary Speaker. The Science of Consciousness. Interlaken, Switzerland. June 25-28, 2019.